Past Projects

Farmer Suicide Awareness

We have teamed up with our friends and visionaries at Saanjh to do two things, which consists of our Mission Statement:

1. To raise awareness of the 257,000 farmers that have been forced to commit suicide all over India in the past 30 years. 2. To raise money for BNES and make sure the children of the farmers who have committed suicide will have a future by supplying them with food and education. Unable to get sustainable prices for their crops, using intensive chemical fertilizers in a depleted soil, borrowing money again and again from local money lenders to meet their families basic needs, farmers are unable to meet the lenders’ demands. Caught in an ever-deepening economic crisis and trapped in debt, Punjab’s farmers and farm laborers are committing suicides by the thousands. There have been an estimated40,000 – 90,000 suicides in Punjab in the last two decades. Around 1900 have been documented in only 2 districts of Sangrur, Punjab. The average debt translates to around $2500 per loan. Suicide ends a life of despair for the victim but it only multiplies the distress for the victim’s family. Left with no means of support after the death of earning members, cases of multiple suicides in families are becoming increasingly common. General apathy by both the State and the Central governments and only sporadic mention in the media, has made the situation worse. These families have been forgotten. What happens to them? Starvation, abuse of women and children, child labor, and death? This is the Punjab that needs your attention and help! You can help the at-risk families with your financial support to provide for their sustenance and education to make them self-sufficient! Through Saanjh, donors from outside India can help a “Rescue and Revival” Program being run by a grassroots organization Baba Nanak Education Society (BNES). Its mission is to help the families of the farmers in Punjab whose primary breadwinner has committed suicide. The program allows people to support families for just $360 per family per year (less than a dollar a day). The money is provided directly to the families with only one condition and qualification – their children stay in school. The program enables the families by keeping them together, educating children within their own communities, vocational training for the adults, and support the basics of the home. Most importantly saving the children and mothers from exploitation. Please click here to learn more about the dire situation in Punjab and all of India and how you can help! We have currently raised almost $7,000 to help the families of Farmer Suicides, to make sure that the children left behind get food, education, and shelter. But our goal is to raise $25,000 this year, PLEASE HELP by donating here! (Make sure to change “General Support” to “Farmer Suicide / Adopt a Family”)

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