Pen Pal Project

As of January 2015, we had the honor of reviving the Pen Pal Project at the West Sacramento Gurdwara.  The Pen Pal Project starts by linking a child from a local Gurdwara Sunday School to a child from the Bhagat Puran Singh School of the Deaf. These children send each other letters discussing their hobbies, school, friends, and anything else on their minds and then ask about their partner’s interests. The goal is to create a long term bond between these two children to the point where one day they may start communicating freely.

The children of the Bhagat Puran Singh School for the Deaf come from very humble and triumphant backgrounds. Many of these children were either orphaned or abandoned at an early age when their family realized their disability and left them behind at Pingalwara, a home for the desolate. Many of these children still have parents and siblings, but due to the social stigma associated with deafness, they are outcasted from society. Our BPSHI Pen Pal project rejects this by sharing love through engaged words, love that every human deserves.

For more information or to get help starting the Pen Pal Project in your own community, please contact Ajitpaul Basra (