Helping those in need. No matter what class, creed, or species.

Meet Toby! A BPSHI Rescue. In February UC Davis BPSHI went to Stockton, while there to spread health awareness, members found a few abandoned puppies. They had been left trapped near the Gurudwara with no food, no water, and no hope. BPSHI members took the initiative to save them, and find two of them homes in Stockton. The third was this little one. Toby was brought back to Davis, taken care of by a BPSHI member, and registered in the Yolo County SPCA Foster Program.

Because they do not have a shelter, foster families are crucial to the Yolo County SPCA. More homes, means more animals rescued. The foster program is a great way for families to love and care for an animal with out making a long term commitment. To find out more about how you can serve as a temporary guardian for an animal awaiting adoption into a permanent, loving home, please send an email to or visit

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