UC Los Angeles

It is not about ‘can you do it’, but about ‘will you do it’. As the UCLA chapter of the Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative, we strive to abide by this exact mantra. The dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers of UCLA BPSHI work with communities and community leaders in Southern California to accurately and appropriately address prominent health concerns and needs. Sevadars are passionate and driven to inspire action in and empower communities to develop sustainable lifestyle changes for positive health outcomes. We’ve engaged with sangats from Bakersfield to Riverside, working together to access and utilize culturally sensitive tools and resources necessary to build resilient communities and foundations for good health. The compassionate BPSHI family is committed to providing the best possible health education and awareness, social justice activism, and support to underserved communities that need it the most. We believe that change is rooted within one’s willpower to grow, and capacity to believe that they can change for their own well-being. For us, it has never been about whether patients can or cannot instill change and development, its about providing support and a team of individuals ready to help patients achieve the health and lifestyle goals they set out for.

2015-2016 Council:

External President: Harmeet Mann | harmeet521@ucla.edu
Internal President: Sonia Puri | soniapuri95@ucla.edu
Finances: Nimrit Hothi | nimrithothi@gmail.com
EMR: Jagjot Dosanjh | jagjotdosanjh23@gmail.com
Social Justice: Lovey Saini | 
Public Health: Gurjot Kaur | gurjotk95@yahoo.com
Public Relations: KV Syal | kvsyal@ucla.edu
Marketing: Jagjot Sandhu | jagjotsandhu0@gmail.com